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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the teachers spent, what they got in return. really, the question is whether it's good for kids and the classroom. >> reporter: that's always the question at the end of the day. the california teachers association says that they would rather not spend their money on lobbyists, but it is the way that they have to have a voice in sacramento. and in the same year that the obama administration called for anti-lobby regulations, lobbyists had a record year in sacramento. horace mann elementary school is san jose's oldest elementary school. for families here and in public schools around the state, the educational experience is changing. jane's son was one kindergartner in a class of 20. four years later -- >> now i have a daughter that's in kindergarten, and she's 30-1. >> reporter: parents tell us they have to buy more basic supplies like paper and do without some of the programs they had when they were in school. >> it seems like a lot of programs are being cut. >> reporter: in the last four years, public schools along with colleges and universities lost $20 billion in funding, and another round of mid year cuts are looming. even before that, california ranked 46th in per-pupil
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spending. the california teachers association is active in trying to hold that funding line. the union representing preschool teachers through college professors along with janitors and bus drivers say they don't just rally, they spend. 2011 saw record spending in lobbying in sacramento. $286.6 million, nearly 7% more than the year before. the cta spent $6.5 million, more than any other industry or government. something they make no apologies for. >> if this state as a social entity was really investing the way that they should in education, we wouldn't need to be advocating in sacramento. if they were really doing their job, and they're not. they're defunding education. >> reporter: through their lobbyist, the cta was able to protect teachers from mid-year cuts. protecting jobs comes at the expense of other services like buses. but the lobbying is legal, and something the vast majority of the members opt to fund through $20 annual contribution.
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>> a number say you know what, i understand that for $20 a year you're going to be advocating for children and -- at the state level. >> reporter: now even with the $6.5 million that the teachers union spent, they say labor union are outspent 15-1 nationwide by business and government. raj? >> thank you. it's been a loud and tense day at san jose's city hall. tonight, here's where we stand. pension reform is now in the hands of san jose voters. that decision just made by the city council about an hour ago. the vote comes on the heels of an nbc bay area investigation that revealed the mayor may have used an exaggerated number to sell his pension reform. our watchdog reporter broke the story last month and joins us now in our newsroom with the latest. jenna? >> reporter: public comment lasted nearly two hours. dozens of people spoke out. most against the ballot measure. they demanded answers about the accuracy of retirement cost projections used by the mayor and asked council to delay
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putting pension reform on the ballot until complete information is provided about those projections, insisting the public should have all the facts. the mayor, though, says no matter the exact price tag, pension reform is needed, and it's needed now. >> so today is the time to act, to give the people of san jose an opportunity to make the decision of whether or not we should continue draining money from services and pouring it into retirement benefits or make changes that will bring down the costs of the benefits. >> the voters should not be voting on such an important financial item when there's doubts on the numbers. so let's get the numbers correct. >> you need to do the right thing and live up to your promises and obligations by negotiating retirement and wages at the bargaining table, with the real numbers and real solutions. >> reporter: ultimately the measure passed by a vote of 8-3. as with the projections used by the mayor when talking about pension reform, seven state lawmakers are asking for an audit of the city's finances and future retirement cost
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projections. tomorrow, state audit committee will decide whether to approve the request. meanwhile, five council members are also asking questions. the city manager says she will have answers at the end of march. back to you. >> okay. thank you. we want to hear from you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. or e-mail directly to new at 6:00, tied up and robbed at gunpoint. that's what police say happened to one woman in san jose this very afternoon. officers investigating a home invasion/robbery on huron drive near the reed hillview airport. police received a 911 call just after 2:00 this afternoon. they say three men had gone into the house, tied up the woman inside. at least one of the men had a gun. the men took off after robbing the woman. tonight they are still at large. police say the victim was not hurt. high winds fanned flames and created some life threatening issues in the south bay today.
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hot embers from a campbell house fire started flying through the air. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us with how the neighbors jumped into action. >> reporter: good evening. well, the couple that lives here, they're cleaning up right now. they won't be able to spend the night here in their home. the roof of their home has now been destroyed. earlier today, neighbors were very concerned that gusts up to 35 miles per hour that were sending embers flying might send those embers over to their homes. flames ripped through this campbell home this morning fueled by winds as high as 35 miles per hour, which is why neighbor diane tackis grabbed hoses and started spraying her roof. >> when i was spraying, i felt the heat of those flames. that's when my adrenaline kicked in. >> reporter: kristi and her boyfriend live here. they're both safe. the couple saved their pet
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rabbit and rescued their dog, as well. investigators say a discarded cigarette in the back yard ignited a bush, causing flames to travel up a wall to the wood-shingle roof. high winds fanned the flames in minutes. >> these wind-driven events do have a tendency to spread the fires. we do have two other units that are floating around checking roofs, and they're there for that purpose for exposures. >> reporter: across town, wind was also a concern at this house fire in east san jose. firefighters say because of high winds they will continue to assign crews to this neighborhood to make sure embers do not ignite the roofs of nearby homes. the fire caused $250,000 damage to this home. reporting live in campbell, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> there are lots of issues -- downed trees, delayed flights, and other problems. we're still feeling gusty winds tonight cross the bay area. our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, joining us from our
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weather center with a look at what we can expect the rest this night. jeff? yeah, winds kicking up, a gale warning across the coastline with wind-whipped waves from seven to 14-plus feet at the moment. we're finding sustained winds impressive in north bay. 22 in santa rosa, 22 in novato. also northwest at 17. in oakland, top wind gust at san francisco international airport, delaying flights at 44. and also at 43 mile-per-hour gust at mt. diablo. this wind advisory will continue until midnight tonight with these winds, primarily out of the northwest. down in the lower elevations, still could top 30. what we're expecting heading into tomorrow is breezy weather with us. but we'll have details on some big-time warming and also some record-setting cold temperatures coming our way in just a few nus.te pe>> okay. thank you. see you then. now to a followup to a story we first told you about last night. relief tonight for a handicapped woman from villejo. she has her lifeline back. someone spotted kristi anne
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roundtree's special wheelchair-equipped van this morning and called police. the van found just three blocks from her home. she says only a few things are missing. roundtree is a quadriplegic, and without the van she has no way to get around. it was stolen from her driveway early sunday morning. still no word on who may have taken that van. it's been a challenge to find a suitable jury in the high-profile domestic abuse case of sheriff ross mercarimi. there was a large group of prospective jurors that was dismissed. 100 more people will have to report to san francisco's superior court tomorrow. 2/3 of the 300 prospective jurors have been cut since the selection process began last week, including san francisco's soup visor, eric mar. many have claimed economic hardship and con flifts of special. mercarimi is accused of boozing h -- of abusing his wife and leaving these marks on her arm.
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the judge will return to court friday to continue haggling over motions including a request to move the trial another county. calm at the state capitol following hours of chaos yesterday. tonight, the majority of the protesters arrested have been released. officers did handcuff 72 people in all. most for refusing to leave the rotunda at closing time. many of the protesters were college students outraged by the rising cost of tuition and cuts to the budget. others identified themselves as occupy protesters. chp cited 66 people for trespassing and released about 2/3 of them three hours later at a 24-hour walmart. officers say they wanted to give protesters a chance to get a snack after being barricaded inside the capitol for some 12 hours. the pepper spraying of student demonstrators at u.c. davis last fall made headlines around the world. today, though, the results of the university task force investigation.
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they were supposed to be released. as nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows, the release of 100-plus-page report has been put on hold, and students are not happy. >> it's disappointing, upsetting. >> reporter: this u.s. davis student says she feels like she's been slapped in the face all over again. she was among the students pepper sprayed by police last fall. she's been looking forward to the release of the university's task force investigation. >> we know what happened. as a protester, i know what happened. but i want to see from the school's perspective what happened. >> briefs will be due -- >> reporter: an alameda superior court judge decided to put a hold on the report's release today after the police union complained that making certain details of the investigation public may violate the officer's rights. >> there's nothing that we're trying to hide. we're not trying to hold back the facts. the information that we are trying to protect is personnel, confidential personnel matters.
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>> reporter: both the university and the aclu agree the results of the pepper spray investigation should be made public. they'll return to court march 16 to fight for just that. >> it is certainly our intent and our hope that we will be able to produce this report in full so that everyone in our community as well as the general public understands what happened on november 18 and so that we can move forward. >> i can't watch the videos. it's just -- it's too hurtful to see and relive that, even talking about it now i feel myself getting goosebumps. >> reporter: spay says her healing won't begin until all the facts are out in the open. at u.c. davis, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. just ahead here at 6:00, a utility worker-turned-action hero. and a man who claims to be a doctor now facing sex crime charges as the number of victims rises. a huge problem. i mean, we're dealing with
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constitutional rights. >> dui drama. hundreds of dui cases in question. now bay area attorneys tell us that san francisco might not be the only city with the problem. >> reporter: i'm at the game developers conference. coming up, make your own controller, develop your game overseas, and play your game on both your phone and your big screen tv. all the trends coming up. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're continuing to track blustery winds across the bay area with temperatures feeling like the 40s right now. our top gust at this moment, 29 miles per hour in santa rosa. through tomorrow, it's all about the big warming, as we'll see mainly clear skies. we'll have details on when rain returns coming up.
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and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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dui attorneys in san francisco say they're fielding a lot of calls from concerned clients. just yesterday, you might recall it was revealed that police were not properly maintaining the breathalyzers used during dui stops. hundreds of duis could be thrown out. we have more now from san francisco. kimberly, what's wrong with these breathalyzers here? >> reporter: the problem here, the focus is really maintenance. a chp audit revealed that the san francisco police department simply wasn't doing what it was supposed to, according to its own handbook, and also manufacturer recommendations. the discovery that san francisco police were not following protocol and checking the accuracy of their mobile breathalyzers has some private dui attorneys questioning their own cases. >> what we're looking at is what was the blood alcohol level at the time of driving. here with these machines, if we don't have a correct number, we're at a huge disadvantage.
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>> whereas the other machines are maintained by a crime lab or a scientist of some sort, these are just maintained by police officers. and i'm not saying police officers can't do jobs, but it's not their line of work. i wouldn't want someone in the crime lab maintaining the cops' guns. they shouldn't be maintaining the scientific instruments. >> reporter: according to the public defender's office, the problem could if as far back as 2001. now hundreds, perhaps thousands of dui cases that relied on the evidence taken by these preliminary alcohol screening or pas devices are being reviewed. >> i'm hopeful that this will encourage prosecutors and judges to allow the defense more access to these type of records. for the last year and a half, i've been leading a battle in san francisco with regards to the same type of information on blood cases. >> reporter: attorney bruce capzak says devices weren't
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maintained properly and wants to know if there could be problems with machines used to do the chemical blood alcohol tests after booking. >> it seems to me that there's sloppiness going on. and historically that's shown in the san francisco district attorney's office. remember, the crime lab and these officers ultimately are answering to the d.a. so that's who should be making it all works. >> reporter: the district attorney says police have stopped using these mobile breathalyzers and says he's taking this investigation very seriously. but again, the dui attorneys that we spoke to say the damage is already done. and they would not be surprised if we saw not only cases overturned but also some civil lawsuits. live in san francisco, nbc, bay area news. >> thank you. the man who police say passed himself off as a cosmetic surgeon in san francisco's mission district will be charged with more than a dozen new felonies this week, including sexual battery. carlos guzman garza has no
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medical license but allegedly stole the identity of a physician's assistants and opened a low-cost derma clinic. he's in jail, charged with performing what he said was liposuction and an eye lift on a victim. the d.a. has uncovered six new victims and even more serious charges. >> the course of him doing what he's also charged with which is practicing without a license and doing work on this poor woman, he was also touching her wrongfully and doing the sexual battery. >> on friday, guzman garza will face 17 new charges. the d.a. says he also wants to raise his bail. a woman's body was found floating near one of the most popular tourist differeestinati san francisco. it happened near fisherman's waver. two people spotted the body off pier 45. police have not released the identity but say there are no obvious signs of foul play. if you live in palo alto,
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you can sell your power back to the city. thanks to a unanimous vote by the city council, residents will be able to sell electricity made by renewable resources back to the city utility. the policy is parts of the clean local energy accessible now program which is built on the existing rebate program for buyers. in addition to creating affordable energy, the program is expected to create jobs. applications to participate in the program will start being accepted next month. a pg&e worker has his wallet after surprising a would-be robber with a punch in the face. at sfo yesterday, he was approached by then who appeared -- by three men who appeared to be transients and demanded money. he punched the man, surprising the trio, who went running empty-handed. >> a shock. we'll bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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it is windy. when's it going to stop? >> the next couple of hours. we had something today we don't usually see, windchill across the bay area. temperatures dropped from 10 to 20 at 57 in gilroy and san jose. the 50s even felt like 40s for a good part of our afternoon. right now we're tracking winds here. sustained winds at 22 in novato, 22 in santa rose a. also 20 in san jose. let's take you outside to the sky camera network. and what you'll find at the golden gate bridge is clear conditions. we're not expecting any fog here for tonight. but it still will stay blustery throughout all of the bay area into midnight which could bring down trees and minor power outages. let's bring in our wind advisory at the current moment. this in effect for the northeast and the south bay hills where the winds could top 50 miles per hour. this going until midnight. we'll start to see winds slowly relax. and across the valleys, it could be from 15 to 30 miles per hour. overall, these numbers are
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dropping quickly with 49 in novato. and that number feeling even like the low 40s with sustained wind now above 12 miles per hour. current view shows all of the activity we had this morning, a little shower activity now pushing well to the south. so it's going to be clear and cold with numbers in the morning in the mid 30s. napa, 34. 37 in los gatos. 37 in santa cruz. in fact, so chilly we may set a record-setting low in san francisco which is not only rare too begin with because the ocean water's help to moderate temperatures, but it's also rare because this hasn't been broken this time of the year since 1897 where we could actually hit 40 degrees. as for tomorrow, the numbers if up. so if it's too cold for you today, a little better for you tomorrow, and raj and jessica, we'll let you know when some 70-degree weather and shorts weather might be coming back in the seven-day forecast. >> that means, what, spf 30? >> at least. >> that's what he recommends. >> at least. >> see you soon. ahead, he hasn't been in office for a while, but arnold schwarzenegger still has some
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business to settle with the state of california. also, google want you to come play. a peek at the newest entertainment service from that internet company. and it was an emotional video that took youtube by storm. now a high-profile talk show tst is reaching out to that rmorveman e ghorfing fti his life. ng
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not the day to look at your stock portfolio. the worst day of the year so far for your money. we'll bring in tech reporter scott budman. this is connected to europe in. >> reporter: yeah, we had a run for a while because europe was on the back burner. today all sort of concerns out of europe. worries that greece may default on its bond issue and slow economic growth could pull the continent into recession. that came across the pond and hit our markets today. it was, in fact, the first triple-digit loss for the dow in all of 2012. gold and oil fell as investors
6:25 pm
sold off. app stores making money these days. the big business. today google renamed its android market. it's now called google-play. the company says it's a place where you can download apps and movies and books to your mobile devices. not to be outdone, apple getting ready for an announcement tomorrow morning at this, the newly decorated arts center. we'll have more at 10:00. the apple event next door to a giant game show. later in the newscast, we'll take you to the game developers conference with all sorts of gaming trends are on display. that's at about 6:40. we'll tell you why you may never need a console again and why your mobile games are about to look a lot bigger. raj? >> see you soon. the state puc wants pg&e shareholders to pay for independent consultants to review safety and security proposals made by the utility. since the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e has been reviewed its safety and security procedures and making change. the utility wants customers to pay the lion's share of a $5
6:26 pm
billion plan to boost its safety. the cpuc wants an independent analysis of the proposals as part of this factor to make -- to factor in safety and souter into the rate-making process. no word on who would hire the consultants or how long the analysis would take. still ahead at 6:00, they knew it before it even happened. who was able to detect the earthquakes that a lot of us felt yesterday? and facebook has a new friend. israel's president makes his first status update at the menlo park headquarters of facebook. and hitting a snag. the latest roadblock in the effort to recall oakland's mayor, gene kwan. and it's decision time in many states. super tuesday. what does it mean for mitt romney? a live report from the battleground state of ohio coming up. black friday.
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not as grand or super as in years past but critical. 1 states are holding primaries and caucuses on this super tuesday. right now, nbc news is calling six races, declaring mitt romney the winner in virginia, vermont, and massachusetts, where he once was the state's governor. and newt gingrich is the winner in his home state of georgia. no decision in the state considered tonight's big prize, and that's ohio. here's nbc's steve handelsman from columbus. >> reporter: mitt romney cast his ballot late this afternoon in massachusetts. tonight he notched his first super tuesday victory. nbc news project iing romney wi virginia and projecting that newt gingrich wins his home state of georgia. as voters cast their ballots on this super tuesday, in 11 states, ohio was the most watched. in this swing state, many republicans were unenthusiastic, and most were split between the
6:30 pm
two leading candidates. >> i voted for mitt romney. >> mitt romney. because of his business experience. >> people aren't feeling there's a strong person at all. but i think santorum could pull it out. >> reporter: can he beat mitt romney in ohio? the pressure is on rick santorum. >> as you may know, this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> reporter: he went to washington, spoke to the largest pro-israel lobbying group. >> under a santorum administration, we would find no gap between israel and the united states. >> reporter: mitt romney appeared via satellite talking tough on iran. >> as president, i'll be ready to engage in diplomacy. but i will be just as ready to engage our military might. >> reporter: that's a swipe at barack obama's caution about war with iran. but the president had a comeback. >> good luck tonight. [ laughter ] >> do you think that was an endorsement? >> reporter: ron paul hopes for
6:31 pm
good luck in alaska. first and foremost, rick santorum needs to take ohio, to keep mitt romney from a super tuesday near-sweep. back live now in columbus, ohio, again this state remains the big prize tonight. but the big news on this super tuesday evening, at least so far, is rick santorum, with surprise, even shocking wins in tennessee and in oklahoma. if santorum manages to eke out a win on this super tuesday in this state, it will have a super-big impact on this republican race. live from columbus, i'm steve handelsman reporting. back to you. >> i'll take that from you, steve. thank you very much. speaking at a white house news conference, president obama pushed back against recent attacks from republicans who want his job. gofp credit vicks accused the president of wanting pump prices to increase. mr. obama answered that no president facing re-election wants gas prices to rise because it hurts families.
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>> and it's not good for the overall economy because when gas prices go up, consumer spending oftentimes pulls back. and we're in the midst right now of a recovery that is starting to build up steam, and we don't want to reverse it. >> the president says there's a window of time to work out a diplomatic solution to iran's request for nuclear power and that using the american military is not the answer to every problem. israel's president will answer questions at san francisco's largest synagogue tonight after spending the day in the silicon valley. shimon peres checked in at facebook headquarters in menlo park this morning. he launched his very first facebook page. his social media expertise didn't end there. he uploaded a picture of himself with facebook leaders, and he took that picture and uploaded it using the san francisco-based app instagram, and then tweeted it out. he also condemned the iranian government's push for nuclear weapons. >> they are the only country in the world that calls for the
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destruction of another country of israel, that denies the holocaust. who are they some who made them such a superior group of holy people? >> this is a big night ahead. 2,000 people, including governor jerry brown, are expected at temple emmanuel tonight at his speech. shimon peres' speech will be at 7:30, an hour from now. san francisco mayor ed lee will be there to give him a key to the city. former governor schwarzenegger has agreed to pay $30 to settle a campaign finance -- $30,000 to settle a campaign finance commission. he was charged for spending money for a tv campaign that was unrelated to the election and instead referred to budget negotiations. schwarzenegger says he settled the dispute purely for financial reasons and maintains he did not use his campaign finances. thankfully, a 5-year-old girl is alive tonight after being hit by an suv when she and her mother stepped into the
6:34 pm
street from -- from between parked cars. the accident happened on frank norris street in the polk gulch. the girl was taken to the hospital with broken bones. her injuries are not life threatening. the 40-year-old woman who was driving was not cited. the incident appears to be a simple tragic accident. they are still investigating. a group trying to recall oakland mayor jean kwan says it's calling it quits. it's run out of money to pay canvassers and won't make the signature deadline. two other recall groups, though, still up and running. both are still in the signature-gathering phase. they need 20,000 signatures by july. the mayor's critics say she hasn't done enough to decrease crime or stop the violence stemming from those recent occupy protests. they knew an earthquake was going to hit before it happened. technology at stanford detected shaking from monday's quake ten
6:35 pm
seconds it hit the university. stanford's quake-catching network used a series of sensors plugged into the computers of 2,000 volunteers. the sensors are relatively low cost and send data to stanford through the internet. the system can be used to alert users before the stronger shaking hits. researchers say the few seconds of advance notice could be critical in saving lives. help is on the way for struggling commercial districts and small businesses in san francisco. mayor ed lee introduced the invest in neighborhoods initiative today. it's a program designed to encourage job creation, revitalize commercial areas, and support small businesses across the city. lee says san francisco already has a number of programs that provide similar services, but this new initiative will link those programs together and coordinate resources available within city government, nonprofits, and the private sector. the mayor says this is the dee transforming many neighborhoods into thriving commercial areas.
6:36 pm
it's part of a 17-point plan to create jobs and economic growth. domestic violence victims are pushing for a state law that requires teachers and counselors to be trained in detecting dating violence among teenagers. they say educating students in promoting healthy relationships can help stop the cycle of abuse before it begins. supporters rallied today on the steps of the state capitol. many to honor a young girl stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend last year right on school campus. the assemblyman for the district believes cindy santana's death could have been prevented had she had more resources available to her. >> some teachers and counselors have a difficulty in identifying what teen violence is. so it's imperative that we give them at least just a minimum amount of information so they can understand how to protect our teens. >> assemblyman lara says he's running the numbers to determine how much money it would cost the state and local school districts to implement that kind of sensitivity training. still to come here at 6:00, a new game plan from gamers
6:37 pm
around the world. and they're here in the bay area to show us the future of the industry. and lingering consequences. the new concern over concussions in kids. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're now getting winds gusting as high as 55 miles per hour at our coastline. inland, 20 to 30 miles per hour across the north bay. we're going to track more coming up and tracking a warmer day tomorrow. we'll let you know when 70s will return.
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the long-term impact of a concussion on your child could
6:40 pm
last for up to a year. a new study out of ohio shows that while most children fully recover within a few months after a concussion, some 20% don't. the most common problem -- forgetfulness. and others experiencing persistent attention difficulties, headaches, and fatigue, even a year later. researchers say these children may need extra time taking tests at school or should be allowed to wear sunglasses if bright lights cause headaches. an obese livermore man's pleas for help are being answered tonight. a followup to a story we brought you on friday. 23-year-old robert gibbs says he's literally a prisoner in his own body. the 600-plus-pound man says he struggled with obesity all his life. he says despite diets, doctors, and hospitals, nothing has worked. not knowing where to turn, gibbs posted a video of himself on youtube on the eve of his birthday, begging for someone to help him. his mother tells us tonight that taping will begin next week on "dr. phil's" show and that several members of "the biggest
6:41 pm
loser" have also reached out to him. his birthday wish -- to lead a healthy life. one of the funniest guys in the english-speaking world is testing his spanish in his latest film. [ speaking spanish ] >> that is will ferrell not speaking a like of english in this movie called "casa de mi patre." ferrell is subtitled throughout as he plays the son of a mexican ranch whoa falls in love with his brother's fiancee. in san francisco he told bob redell how hard it was to master the language. >> spanish actually is my first language. i -- i just learned english the last couple of years. >> wow. a little-known fact. >> so most of my -- all of my english-speaking movies have been -- i learned phonetically. >> those were the challenge -- >> those were the challenge. this was a piece of cake. yeah. >> he speaks english so well. all kidding aside, ferrell says
6:42 pm
he did try to master the accent. the film opens next week. >> "house of my father." yes. i'm going to have to check that out. >> can you handle this now, this movie? >> yeah. why not? you know, funny guy, will ferrell. funniest in high school, jessica aguirre. voted -- >> yes. in her class yearbook from what we understand. >> they still don't believe me. >> i do. i do. >> all right. let's look outside. across the golden gate bridge, fog-free conditions. it still is blustery. you know, the who had the top winds today? we'll tell you when 70s will return coming up. >> reporter: all right. coming up, peyton manning's services are more than desired by nfl teams but everyone's been waiting to see if the colts pay the big money to retain him or let him walk. will we be seeing the four-time mvp in a different uniform? indy has chosen in the most anticipated decision since lebron took his talents tothexth either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep.
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and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. [ inhales, exhales ]
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[ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] it's a multibillion dollar business that is fun and games. the industry changing with devices, games, and new ways to play. business and tech reporter scott budman spent the day at a game show and shows some of what's coming to a screen near you.
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>> reporter: who needs a controller when you can play a dr drum, tap a glass, or whack a piece of wood? the game developers conference is full of traditional shoot 'em up games, but this company makes a piece of software that lets you control the on-screen action with whatever you have in your house. >> we tried with glasses, spoons, hitting a table, things like that. you just have to get like ten or 15 examples of each type of sound. it will train a model internally. from that moment on, it will be able to recognize these sounds that you're making. >> reporter: that said, the gaming world will always be loud and visual. not to mention worldwide. this game was designed in the czech republic. >> i think it is because, you know, like people all the same. and i think the cost of work is
6:46 pm
less. >> reporter: there are games that test your musical knowledge. this one's called "guess your songs." and all sorts of clever mobile games. this one helps kids learn shapes while assembling teams in battle. in fact, we saw so many portable games on mobile devices, we wondered, do you even need your tv anymore? not to worry, there's an app for that, too. >> ned of using your social game, for example, if i'm playing a social game, imagine i'm playing farmville. instead of playing farmville on my computer, why not play farmville on my tv when i'm not watching a tv show instead of using just my small screen? >> reporter: big, small, console, or drinking glass? games are big business in a business that's changing by the day. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> so we can play our games on our tv? >> yes. >> so -- i luke just playing it
6:47 pm
on my little guy right here. this is all new to me. >> this is bad news because i'm addicteded to bejewelled blitz, you guys. i'm top of my list. 750,000 this week. really? top wind gusts across the coastline, 58 minors. mt. dee ably at 43 miles per hour. santa reza, 36. gale warning, waves could top speeds. 40s up into novato. with this wind sustained at 20 miles per hour, making it feel like the mid 40s in and throughout parts of the north bay. 49 in sunnyvale. wear the layers. cold for tomorrow morning. still with a little bit of windchill staying in place. wednesday, five to ten degrees warmer heading into the afternoon. then eventually, this area of high pressure out here offshore, that's going to build in 70s.
6:48 pm
later this week that could produce record-setting heat. it's going to push any sign of rainfall off to the east and up to the north. so for tomorrow, we'll start to see winds relax. it will be breezy at times. then throughout thursday we'll get in on some 70s. then by friday, that looks like the warmest day coming our way in that seven day. as for tonight, it's all about the numbers getting near the freezing mark in santa rosa with 33. 35 in san jose. 37 at los gatos. 37 in santa cruz. we'll be close to record-setting lows, especially in santa rosa, with that low of 33 and concord and also san francisco. could hit a record that is more than 100 years old as we head into tomorrow morning. as for our daytime highs, we'll go up to 65 in san jose. 65 in evergreen. 65 in milpitas, and 64 in palo alto. the low to mid 60s across the east bay. 65 in antioch. 64 in fairfield. 62 in danville. 62 in hayward. in the north bay, close to 70 in santa rosa.
6:49 pm
62 in san mateo. still chilly at the coastline. pacifica at 58. half moon bay, 57 with that gale warning in effect. if you're heading out on a boat, it's going to be choppy. on the three-day forecast, nice throughout thursday and friday. looks like friday, that's when we'll weak out some of the warmest weather. we may have isolated mid to upper 70s. by saturday and sunday, numbers start to cool off. then we get a slight chance of some showers here as we head into monday of next week. i don't know. it feels like a friday here. >> a friday and it's only tuesday? >> usually we don't start this until thursday, jeff. >> we got some issues ahead this week. >> yeah. let's go to sports. >> okay, jessica aguirre wants peyton manning in a 49ers unifo uniform. jim, can we do that? >> reporter: it can be done. there are people talking about that. i'll tell you about that later on. let's get to sports.
6:50 pm
after peyton manning missed the entire 2011 season with an abundance of issues, the colts had to decide whether to pay the $28 million roster bonus or cut ties with one of the best to ever sling. it that decision has been made. the colts will officially release manning on wednesday. espn reports clearly the colts will be investing their cash elsewhere, most likely in stanford's star quarterback, andrew luck, who is projected to be selected first overall in april's nfl draft. sharks' head coach todd mcclellan hasn't been behind san jose's bench since suffering a concussion when he caught a stick to the head in minnesota ju. just over a week later, he's ready to rejoin the squad. we have more. >> reporter: recently a trusted sports psychologist told me it takes the average person about ten days to recover from a concussion. here we are nine days after sharks head coach today mcclellan was whacked with a stick. and he was very lighthearted
6:51 pm
about making his return tonight. >> my wife keeps reminding me that i lost my mind. i think she did that before i got whacked. >> reporter: then the sharks' coach took the serious side. >> i'm going to go on the bench. i'm going give the bench my full attention. and i'll see how it goes from there. i don't know what's going to happen. i'm anticipating that i'm going to feel good, and that i'm going to be alert and sharp. >> reporter: one correlation between mcclellan's absence was the sharks' inability to score goals. they tallied just two in the last threy three games. i asked the players if there was any real relation. >> that's a good question. hopefully having him behind the bench gives you a boost. we get our offense going again. >> i would throw that out the window. i think it's coincidence. i think we've gone through stretches where we haven't scored. i think that's not a coincidence. >> when you're not sure, you back off and you give time and space. and that was addressed yesterday. so we'll see how everything goes tonight. put it all together. >> reporter: things are very
6:52 pm
tight in terms of the standings. with 18 games left to play, the sharks are currently eighth in the western conference. if they lose tonight, there is a large chance they will be put in the ninth position and out of the current post season picture. at h.p. pavillion, nbc bay area sports. >> reporter: thank you very much. and from the ice and the ball field, giants' catcher buster posey twisted his ankle today by running the paces at nearly full speed. posey had been running curves but took the sharper angles around the bases for the first time in more than a week. our spy had the video. he is expected to run again tomorrow. more baseball. giants and the rivalry removed. giants/dodgers, that's right. they're ready to go in cactus league action. top of the first, the leadoff hitter and leadoff home run to left. he's got some pop from that side. 1-0, the giants have the lead. later on in that inning, they're going to do some more damage. how about a runner up for bret
6:53 pm
pill. he swings and a two-run shot to left. 3-0, giants have the lead. bear zito got the start for the giant. bottom of the first, zito is going to attack matt kemp who should be the mvp. top of the sixth, cabrera this time from the left side. can he do it again? yes. so low shot. home run. the giants win 8-4. out of the american league with where the as were taking on the brew crew. time alone -- the team acquired a trade for gonzalez. bottom of the sixth, ricky weeks caught in a rundown. go dive and get him. that's right, brother on brother crime there. top of the third, runner on third. weeks singles to the right. that stores eric sogard. the as lead it 1-0. bottom of the third and malone on ricky weeks. gets some strike three called. solid three innings, no earned
6:54 pm
runs, three strikeouts. the as beat the brewers 6-2. a two-hit shutout. that's going to do it for sports. sharks highlights at 11:00. and raj, guess who agrees with jessica about peyton manning and the 49ers. do you know who? >> who? >> get this -- it is none other than the great one. the goat, jerry rice -- >> jerry and i were always in tune. >> jerry and jessica, like that. our former co-host here. thanks, jim. >> i know. >> for a full half ou watchsvegl at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. getting ready to plant?
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this is footage from france over the weekend. watch always see an avalanche destroying a ski lift, just taking it down. it's in the french alps, the savoy region. 70 people were on that lift. luckily no one was seriously hurt. although some of them were left hanging until rescue workers could get to the avalanche site. amazing. we have more local news coming up at 7:00 now. >> they need that avalanche air bag we have on the seven day. coming up, tonight it's super tuesday. does the picture get clearer for the gop or more confusing? a panel will join us. plus, the future of california's republican party and how the next generation will shape that party and maybe even affect things coming up in november. and the stafford grads with a new plan to redistribute unused medication. how their system might help people who are in need. we'll have that and more coming up on comcast 186 as well as our google-plus hangout which is going on right now. >> a lot of people there. i can see it.
6:58 pm
have a great evening. see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye. our editorial last week, supporting the three strikes reform initiative, sparked a lively debate. frank wants reform, "life sentences for shoplifters and drug users are a costly and ineffective way of deefling with crime." stephanie agrees, "that three-strike law should only be for the worst criminals. molesters, rapists, murderers." sharifa hopes to redirect our tax dollars, "this has cost millions of dollars needed for schools." but peter and others argue we should keep our tough sentencing laws as they are. "if you have two felonies, shouldn't you have learned your
6:59 pm
lesson by then? if not, good riddance." and noel says, "i'm not opposed to a revision. after 20 years of interviewing crime victims, i'm a hard sell." we hope you'll let us know what you think about three-strikes reform on line at looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in?


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